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Being a new teacher at a school can be as terrifying as being a new student. This page contains ideas for helping new teachers feel welcome in your school.

Buddy Teachers Welcome Package
School Pride Pins/Buttons First Aid Kit 
Survival Kit End of First Semester Gift
New Teacher Inservice A Better Beginning -- found at NEA

Buddy Teachers


Assign each new teacher a buddy teacher, preferably one who teaches the same subject or grade level. The buddy teacher is responsible for introducing the new teacher to the faculty and staff, giving a tour of the building, showing where to find supplies in the building available for teacher use, showing how to operate the copy machine and other equipment for office use, helping locate all textbooks, workbooks, and teacher supplies that are supposed to be in the classroom, etc. If there is a back to school breakfast or lunch, the buddy teacher should attend with the new teacher so introductions can be made. Also the buddy teacher should be available all year to answer questions the new teacher may have.

Give a Building Inservice for New Teachers


One or two teachers should give a building inservice to new teachers to explain school procedures. Be sure to talk about the different forms such as purchase orders and leave forms, as well as how to call for a substitute. Give a list of people to know and what their jobs are. This will be helpful when the computers stop working, a VCR is needed, or a question arises about the curriculum.

School Pride Pins/Buttons


Give all teachers a school pride pin/button. Then when new teachers arrive, give them one too. This seems simple, but it gives a sense of belonging. If your principal can't provide the funds, check with your student council or parent teacher organization.

Welcome Package


Create a welcome package or basket for each new teacher. Include such things as pens, pencils, notepads, paper clips, staples, bulletin board border, etc. If the school provides lesson plan books and grade books, include these as part of the welcome package.

Survival Kit


Provide items that a new teacher will need to survive the year, such as a band-aide for when things get a little rough. This is an inexpensive, fun kit that will surely bring a smile to any teacher's face. Click here for what to include in the kit.

First Aid Kit


Create a first aid kit just for the teacher.  Include such things as band-aides, pain reliever, breath mints, a bottle of water, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, safety pins, needle and thread, and trial-size versions of lotion and deodorant.   (Come on, you've forgotten to put on deodorant  haven't you?)  My brother is an optician, and he as given me eyeglass screwdrivers, screws, nosepieces, and cleaner to keep in my first aid kit.

End of First Semester Gift


For first year teachers, send a plant, plaque, or other small gift at the end of the first semester. Include a card that says, "Congratulations! You have made it halfway through your first year."



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