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Attendance/Lunch Count Board Ideas for Seating Charts
Attendance Podium Class Notebook


Attendance/Lunch Count Board 

bulletPlace a filing cabinet right inside your classroom door. On it, put the students' names written on 3 inch x 3 inch construction paper squares. Put magnets on the back of the squares. Make the boys' squares one color and the girls' another. If you don't like the construction paper squares, try using craft sticks instead. You could also use clothes pins so you could clip a note or reminder for the student to it. Beside the names, use masking tape to divide a space into two squares. Then post this question at the top, "Are you eating a school lunch?" As soon as the kids walk through the door, they put their name in the appropriate square. In this way, you can take attendance and lunch count without a lot of hassle!



If you don't want to use a filing cabinet, use small nails to hang up a square of carpet on a board titled "Morning Board." Buy the calendar pieces that have the numbers on the front of each piece. Laminate the squares, then put a small piece of Velcro on the back of each one. As the students walk past it as they come in the room, they take down their ticket and place it in the appropriate container sitting right below (buying lunch, brought lunch). The first one finished with the first activity of the morning can put them back. There a variety of calendar squares, so you change them each month to go with the season or holiday.

Ideas for Seating Charts


Place small sticky notes with student names on them on my seating chart grid. Then put into a page protector (like is used for reports). This is wonderful because it's so easy to change seats. Also, you can write on the protector with a dry erase marker, if you wish.


Creating a Random Seating Chart -- found at CanTeach


Seating Arrangements -- found at Huntington College


Diagrams of Seating Arrangements for Students -- found at Teach-nology


Creating a Seating Chart Using Digital Photographs -- found at University of Minnesota Duluth

Attendance Podium


Use a podium to keep all of your attendance materials, such as attendance sheets and seating charts. This is especially helpful if you have more than one class of students. You could also use a different colored 2-pocket folder for each class in the podium. Keep items for each class in the appropriate folder. Such items include papers to return, reminders of overdue library books, make-up work for absentees, seating chart, and class roster.

Class Notebook



Use a large 3-ring binder with enough individual pocket folders for each student. These are made for notebooks and have a pocket on both sides. Attach a colored tab to each folder and insert a student's name. Each student has a pocket folder for holding all correspondence, medicine approvals, field trip permissions, excused absences, copies of notes to parents, he latest copy of the student's report card, etc. This keeps all the paper work from accumulating on your desk or in the drawers. You can also put one extra pocket folder for all your receipts for items you buy through the year for income tax purposes.


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