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by Jerdine Nolan


This lesson serves as a short introduction of the fantasy genre.  The lesson can be expanded if you want it to be more than an introduction.

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Overview:  In this lesson, students will become familiar with the elements of fantasy.  The teacher will read aloud the picture book fantasy Raising Dragons by Jerdine Nolan.  The students will then use a graphic organizer to identify the elements of fantasy in the story.


  1. Show the transparency of the Elements of Fantasy to the students and discuss each element.

  2. Read Raising Dragons aloud to the students, encouraging them to think about the elements of fantasy that are in the story.  Be sure to show them the pictures.

  3. Give each student a copy of the graphic organizer.  Go over the directions with them.

  4. Read Raising Dragons aloud a second time.  This time the students are to fill in the graphic organizer as you read.  Be sure to show them the pictures.

  5. Show the transparency of the graphic organizer and fill it in as a class.  Anyone with an incomplete graphic organizer can copy answers from the transparency.

Closure:  Discuss with students that a fantasy does not have to have all of the elements, but it must have at least one.




Elements of Fantasy (PDF)


Raising Dragons Fantasy Chart (PDF)



  1. After reading the story the second time through, read it again so the students can get as many notes as possible.

  2. If possible, provide extra copies of Raising Dragons to struggling students, either individually or in pairs, to make note-taking easier for them.

  3. Call on struggling students first to ensure they have a chance to respond without someone else sharing their answers first.




Hot Times with Dragons -- found at Buddy2



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