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My students use graphic organizers in a variety of ways, and I am pleased with the success my students have had when using them. Below is a list of ideas on how to use graphic organizers with your students.

bulletProvide a graphic organizer tailored to a specific reading assignment in a content area textbook, such as science or civics. The students can use the graphic organizer to take notes. The notes can be used as discussion starters in the content area class or as study guides for an upcoming test or quiz.

bulletProvide graphic organizers for your students to use as alternatives to book reports. Graphic organizers can be created for comparing characters, identifying the setting, mapping out the plot, etc.

bulletProvide graphic organizers that your students can use to organize thoughts during brainstorming or pre-writing exercises.

bulletProvide graphic organizers that your students can use to create the rough draft of a writing assignment.

Links to sites with graphic organizers:

bulletGraphic Organizers -- found at the San Diego County Office of Education Activity Bank
bulletGraphic Organizers -- found at the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
bulletGraphic Organizers --found at Education Place



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