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Point of View


Point of View (PDF) -- first person, third person objective, third person limited, third person omniscient, and second person

Point of View Lessons and Activities


Fairy Tale Lessons and Ideas: Point of View -- found at


What's the Point?  A Lesson on Point of View -- found at Learn NC

Picture Books That Are Great for Teaching Point of View

bulletNellie Bly's Monkey
bulletby Joan Blos
bulletA. Lincoln and Me
bulletby Louise W. Borden
bulletGood Luck Mrs. K!
bulletby Louise Borden
bulletGood Dog, Carl
bulletby Alexandra Day
bulletby Pamela Duncan Edwards
bulletVirgie Goes to School With Us Boys
bulletby Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard
bulletDragon Scales and Willow Leaves
bulletby Terryl Givens
bulletby Robert San Souci
bulletTree of Cranes
bulletby Allen Say
bulletThe True Story of the Three Little Pigs
bulletby Jon Sciezska
bulletMany Moons
bulletby James Thurber
bulletTwo Bad Ants
bulletby Chris Van Allsburg
bulletby Jane Yolen
bulletby Jane Yolen
bulletGrandad Bill's Song
bulletby Jane Yolen



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