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Theme Definitions


Theme Lessons and Activities


Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales -- found at EDSITEment


Writing About Theme -- found at Cyber High Schools


Themes Presented in Fairy Tales -- found at Bethlehem Area School District


Character Theme Chart -- found at NWREL


For Teachers -- found at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 


The lessons open up in a separate window. Scroll down the list to find each one. 


Lesson 12 -- Words/Music/Images: Interpretation and Meaning A Motivational Activity


Lesson 54 -- Theme Songs from Cold Sassy Tree


Lesson 60 -- Rock and Poetry: A Thematic Unit



Picture Books That Are Great for Teaching Theme

bulletEverybody Needs a Rock
bulletby Byrd Baylor
bulletThe Table Where Rich People Sit
bulletby Byrd Baylor
bulletGoing Home
bulletby Eve Bunting
bulletThe Story of Ruby Bridges
bulletby Robert Coles
bulletMiss Rumphius
bulletby Barbara Cooney
bulletSenorita Runfio/Miss Rumphius
bulletby Barbara Cooney
bulletThe Yellow Star
bulletby Carmen Agra Deedy
bulletWhoever You Are
bulletby Mem Fox
bulletWilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge
bulletby Mem Fox
bulletA Band of Angels
bulletby Deborah Hopkinson
bulletby Leo Lionni
bulletThe Tale of the Mandarin Ducks
bulletby Katherine Paterson
bulletAunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair
bulletby Patricia Polacco
bulletMy Rotten Redheaded Older Brother
bulletby Patricia Polacco
bulletPink and Say
bulletby Patricia Polacco
bulletPink y Say/Pink and Say
bulletby Patricia Polacco
bulletThank You, Mr. Falker
bulletby Patricia Polacco
bulletGracias, Senor Falker/Thank You, Mr. Falker
bulletby Patricia Polacco


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