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This rubric is my student friendly version for grades 5-12 based on the original from the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory.

You will notice that there are only specific guidelines for scores of 5, 3, and 1. At paper can still earn a rating of a 4 or 2. If a paper is not quite a 5, but better than a 3, it is a 4. If a paper is not quite a 3, but better than a 1, it is a 2.


Rating of 5 (Strong):

The order makes sense and is easy to follow. The paper contains an effective lead and conclusion. The ideas are connected with transitions.

bulletThe paper contains an inviting lead that grabs the reader's attention.
bulletThe main idea is supported by details that fit where they are placed; sequencing makes sense and helps the reader understand what is written.
bulletThe ideas are connected with smooth transitions.
bulletThere is a strong conclusion that brings an ending to what is written.
bulletThe reader doesn't have to think about the organization to understand what is written.

Rating of 3 (Developing):

The paper moves from point to point without too much confusion. The paper contains a lead and a conclusion. Some ideas are connected with transitions that may be weak.

bulletThe paper contains a lead that can be identified, but it is weak.
bulletThe writer spends too much time on one area and not enough time on another.
bulletThe order is hard to follow, or too easy and predictable.
bulletThe transitions between ideas are unclear or do not seem to fit.
bulletThe conclusion is weak or does not bring an ending to what is written.
bulletThe organization, though weak, does not seriously get in the way of the main point.

Rating of 1 (Beginning):

The writing does not have a clear sense of direction. The ideas are put together with no connections. The lead and/or conclusion cannot be identified.

bulletThere is no real lead to begin the paper.
bulletThere is no recognizable pattern to the ideas. They seem to be a list of thoughts that confuse the reader.
bulletThere are no transitions between ideas. The reader gets lost easily.
bulletThere is no conclusion.



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