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The best way to evaluate sentence fluency in a writing piece, is to listen to it read aloud.  As it is read aloud, ask the following questions.

  1. Does the reader have any areas where he runs out of breath?  If so, look at those areas for possible run-on sentences.

  2. Do any areas of the reading sound short and choppy?  If so, check those areas for fragments and an overuse of simple sentences.  Combine some of the sentences.

  3. Are there any fragments, or incomplete thoughts?  If so, do they add to the message?  If not, rewrite the fragments so that they are complete sentences.

  4. Do several sentences begin in the same way?  If so, rewrite the sentences so that they have different beginnings.

  5. Do several sentences sound the same?  If so, rework some of the sentence structures.

  6. Do the sentences all seem to be of the same length?  If so, rewrite some of the sentences to add variety in the length.

  7. Does the reader get lost and have to backtrack in any areas?  If so, look at how the sentences are connected to each other. Rewrite them so that their relationship is more clear.

  8. Does it sound like the way a person would normally speak?  If not, rewrite the sentences to sound the way a person would talk.

  9. Do any areas of the reading sound effortless, flowing, and rhythmic?   If so, these areas contain good sentence fluency.   

  10. Do any areas invite expressive, oral reading?  If so, they contain good sentence fluency.




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