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This rubric is my student friendly version for grades 5-12 based on the original for the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory.

You will notice that there are only specific guidelines for scores of 5, 3, and 1. At paper can still earn a rating of a 4 or 2. If a paper is not quite a 5, but better than a 3, it is a 4. If a paper is not quite a 3, but better than a 1, it is a 2.


Rating of 5 (Strong):

The writing creates a mental picture for the reader. The writer uses powerful action verbs, accurate adjectives, and precise nouns. The language is natural.

bulletPowerful action verbs give the writing energy.
bulletThe adjectives are as descriptive and accurate as possible.
bulletThe nouns are specific, not general.
bulletSlang and clichés are not used very much.
bulletThe language is natural and not overdone. Words are used correctly.

Rating of 3 (Developing):

The language is functional, but it is difficult for the reader to get a mental picture. The writer uses everyday language well, but may rely on clichés and slang. The writer may repeat or misuse some words.

bulletThe writing gets the message across, but with language that doesn't really capture the reader's imagination.
bulletThe writer may use slang and clichés, but not to the point that it bothers the reader.
bulletThe writer may misuse words, but the reader can usually figure out what was meant.
bulletThe writer seems to avoid using new words, but the paper may have one or two good moments.
bulletThe paper may contain a few energetic verbs, accurate adjectives, and specific nouns.

Rating of 1 (Beginning):

The writer's vocabulary is limited. The writer has a hard time finding the right words to get his message across to the reader.

bulletThe language is not energetic, accurate, or precise. The message is difficult for the reader to picture in his/her mind.
bulletThe writer relies on the same words and avoids using new words. Clichés and slang are overused.
bulletWords are incorrectly used, making it difficult for the reader to understand what the writer meant.



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